Thomas Bowser, RPh.

1980 graduate University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy. Purchased the pharmacy in 1987. 10 years hospital experience also. Member PPA & NCPA.

Christopher Heasley, PharmD,

2013 graduate of LEECOM School of Pharmacy. Started as an intern while in pharmacy school. Member PPA.

Brian, Front End Manager

Started at our pharmacy in 1979. Avid hunter; president of Moshannon chapter/NWTF.

Apryle, Office Manager/Certified Pharmacy Tech

Over 25 years of pharmacy experience, with our pharmacy since 2007.

Julie, Certified Pharmacy Tech

Started her career in 2005 and has been in our family since December, 2006.

Rosemary, Pharmacy Technician

Started her career in 2002 and has been in our family since 2010.

Stephanie, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Graduate of BCAT technician program in 2015. Did her rotation at our pharmacy and we glady hired her. Loves cats.

Bobbi, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Graduate of BCAT pharmacy technician program in 2018.

Sharon, Customer Service

30 plus years in customer service positions. Joined our family in 2010.

Holly, Customer Service

10 plus years in customer service. Joined our family in 2016. Excels at baking!